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The wheels of an airplane. Sometimes replaced by floats or skis.

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What is the difference between a pressure switch, high-pressure control, and low-pressure control in a landing gear hydraulic system?

This is an Arrow II landing gear diagram. In the diagram, the high and low pressure controls look like check valves. The pressure switch is unclear. What are these three items, and what purpose ...
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What happens if the current ICAO method disagrees with double wheel/dual tandem etc?

Is the old U.S. method (a weight max for each landing gear kind) simply ignored? Planes with 3, 12, 14 and 22 wheels are common after all but gear types with those numbers often aren't listed. If the ...
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Is it against the regualtions to install a dummy set of landing gear during aircraft maintenance?

We will be removing a set of landing gear for overhaul, so we are arranging a set of unserviceable landing gear to keep the aircraft mobile. I would like to know if doing so is against any FAA or EASA ...
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Why is the assumed Lift-to-Weight-Ratio for the limit drop test for heavy aircraft (FAR-25) higher than for small aircraft (FAR-23)?

The FAR-25.725 assumes a Lift-to-Weight-Ratio L/W = 1 for the landing gear drop test while the FAR-23.725 assumes only L/W=0.667. This factor affects the load inertia factor n which is also needed for ...
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What are the specifications of this Zenith bush airplane's gear and tires?

I would like to know the name (if any) and the specifications of Zenith's bush airplane? I would like to know the size, the diameter, the maximum load, bearing number/type, and so on. Seems that the ...
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