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Questions tagged [landing-fees]

Questions about the money that has to be paid in order to land at some airports.

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34 votes
3 answers

Are private jets allowed to land at London Heathrow?

Heathrow is among the worlds busiest airports, with traffic mostly (entirely?) from airliners. Are private/business jets (e.g. Gulfstream G650 or Cessna Citation X) allowed to land at Heathrow? If so,...
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28 votes
2 answers

How do landing fees work at larger airports?

Many larger airports (class Bravos) have a landing fee. What's the process for assessing and collecting the fees? How do these landing fees work with general aviation aircraft? Where can I find out ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Why are landing fees at large airports based on weight?

KORD airport for instance charges domestic vs international arrivals differently. I could see that this may have something to do with imports/taxes/tariffs etc, but why are the landing fees measured ...
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How do I pay fees if I don't even land at the airport?

So let's say I'm going from Wellesbourne (EGBW) to Coventry airport (EGBE) and at Coventry I do 1 ILS approach and go missed and return back to Wellesbourne. Even though I never put a wheel on EGBE ...
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How does the U.S. Overflight Fee system work?

After going through the Overflight Fees on FAA.GOV, the following is clear and self-explanatory: Exact fees Method of Payment (online, via as mentioned on the page). What's not clear to me ...
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Is there any comprehensive source for landing fee information? [closed]

Is there any comprehensive source for landing fee information for US airports? Airnav and the facility directory do not have landing fee information. Also, going to airport web sites often is ...
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How do I find how much it costs to park a B747 at an airbridge in Perth?

I need to park my B747 at Perth for 1 hour. How much will it cost me? You may assume I have 200 fare paying passengers. I must use an airbridge for those 60 minutes. To be honest, I don't really own ...
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Are landing fees due for an aborted landing in USA?

Suppose I receive landing clearance for an airport that charges a landing fee, and begin my decent. Then, for some reason I have to abort the landing and instead of going around and landing there I ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Do all airports have the authority to impound aircraft for overdue fees?

In the 'Collapse' section of the Thomas Cook Wiki, it states that At around midnight on 23 September, airports in the UK began to impound Thomas Cook aircraft upon arrival, citing "default in ...
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2 answers

At KOAK, how can I get a passenger from the GA terminal to the commercial terminal?

I want to land at the GA side of Oakland International (KOAK) in order to drop my passenger off for a commercial flight from the main terminal. I was told by a local guy that they do not allow a taxi ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What are the various fees associated with flying? [closed]

I am aware of airport landing fees, fuel fees etc, but it was brought to my attention that there is airspace charges? And especially in Canada, the fees are horrendous. What are the various types of ...
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Is there a difference in landing fees for charter and scheduled flights? [closed]

Is there a qualitative difference for landing fees/charges between charter and scheduled flights at a particular airport?
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