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John F. Kennedy International Airport (ICAO: KJFK, IATA: JFK) in New York

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Why are planes flying in a zigzag path over Long Island when approaching JFK?

Every time I've flown into JFK Airport from the east I've noticed that the plane takes a weird zigzag path over Long Island. Why is this? Is it because of noise laws?
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Why wouldn't KJFK offer the ILS for 22L?

(Source: Flightradar24) The above was from last Sunday around 17z. I was watching FR24 with the ATC feed. The airport was operating in 'arrival priority' with approaches to both 13L (Canarsie) and 22L....
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Why doesn’t runway 31R at JFK have a VGSI?

All of the runways at JFK have a PAPI except 31R. Why does 31R not have any kind of VGSI?
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Why do aircraft take this strange route into JFK?

Looking at FlightRadar24, I see there is a long line of aircraft heading into JFK, but that they seem to all be starting to head straight at it from over Pennsylvania (as can be seen in the image ...
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