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*Jet* is a generic, informal term for an aircraft with jet propulsion. In a civilian context it may refer to an airliner or small private jet.

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Does/Can combustion instabilities occur in SCRAM jet?

I was told that combustion occurs at Supersonic speeds in SCRAM jet. So acoustic disturbances/ pressure fluctuations can't travel into incoming jet stream. Does this avoids combustion instabilities in ...
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What is the highest operational ceiling for a nuclear scramjet?

A similar question is: What is the highest operational ceiling for an air-breathing jet engine? The answers point to scramjets. Cited reports focus on combustion kinetics. The Wikipedia Scramjet page: ...
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How is %MAC affected by flap/slat position on swept wing, transport category aircraft?

If you watch the slats and flaps deploy on a swept wing, transport category aircraft, and you mentally draw a chord line, you'll notice that it's changing through the slats/flaps deployment schedule. ...
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How to calculate turbojet thrust at variable altitudes and mach numbers?

I am interested in developing a flight model in jbsim. jbsim requires a thrust table similar to as follows, with varying mach and altitude numbers (with thrust as a fraction of max): ...
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What is the first fighter jet aircraft which carried out a night bombing mission?

Does anyone know in which occasion it was carried out and the date which it was carried out? Night bombing began in World War I and was widespread during World War II. A number of modern aircraft ...
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what is the physical explanation for additive drag?

from what i understand, additive drag is not really drag. it is a way to account for the variation of inlet condition due to conservation of mass. but i still don't get why it create drag(negative ...
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What's the meaning of these jet fighter pilots gestures?

As per title, what's the meaning of the following gestures (if any)?
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TEB-NAS Midsize Jet max weight

We have hours with Sentient Jet and typically fly their Midsize jets -- Hawker 800, Citation XLS, Lear 60 etc. Usually only the XLS will work for us due to large luggage. Can someone help with me with ...
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Typical burner/combustor dimensions of a jet engine

I know that sounds very generic but lets say for a common engine of a passenger airplane. What could be the typical dimensions for the burner part. I can't find anything online. Thanks.
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Are there any feasibility studies or research regarding the possibility of using Jet A in tropical countries?

Based on the ASTM D1655 standard specification for turbine fuels, the only difference between Jet A and Jet A-1 is the freezing point. Max [min?] -40 degrees Celsius (-40° F) for Jet A and max -47 ...
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Why is there such a difference between the study material for the FAA and EASA ATP knowledge tests?

What's the difference between the FAA & EASA ATPL written/knowledge test? The FAA test seems way easier; you just study the Gleim which has 1650+ multiple choice questions and composed of 1,048 ...
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