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Questions related to aviation in Japan

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What happened to the Japanese aviation industry after WW2?

The Empire of Japan had a domestic aviation industry supplying the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force up until the end of WW2. The USSR and Western Europe, which saw large parts of their production ...
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Does RNAV 5 requires certification in Japan?

Through the last question, I learned that the C-130H is an aircraft capable of RNAV 5. Then my colleagues raised another question. "According to the US Airforce manual, it is true that RNAV 5 is ...
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Isn't a "land based navy bomber" just an air force bomber?

This wonderful article on the Mitsubishi G4M Betty has the following quote about the Mitsubishi G3M Nell: the G3M was already considered the best land-based navy bomber in the world What in the ...
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Twin-Engine WWII Japanese Bomber

I recently inherited a number of pictures taken by my father in August & September 1945. During the process of Japanese surrender at the end of WWII. Several are of captured aircraft, most of ...
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Do we have orange runway markings? [closed]

As you can see in this picture, the runway markings are in orange or yellow.
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Why did Japanese aircraft carriers in WW2 carry both high and normal octane aviation fuels?

According to Parshall & Tully's Shattered Sword, the four Japanese aircraft carriers lost at the Battle of Midway (1942) carried both high and normal octane aviation fuel. Does anyone here know ...
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Did Japan actually use any production aircraft with inverted gull wings during WW2?

The anime film The Wind Rises presents a fictionalized account of Jiro Horikoshi and the development of the Mitsubishi A5M. Throughout most of the anime, Jiro visualizes the plane with this shape: I ...
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What advantage does Kawasaki C-2 have with a twin-engine configuration as compared to its competitors like An-70 or A-400?

While reading about various military transports, I came across the specs of Kawasaki C-2 and a few questions popped up. So please bear with me here if I list them all together as points, I hope ...
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Do the white lights on the chimneys of the Tokyo area incineration plants serve an aviation purpose?

At least 新江東清掃工場 (Shinkoto Incineration Plant), 江戸川清掃工場 (Edogawa Incineration Plant) and 市川市 クリーンセンタ (Ichikawa Clean Center) ー blink with white lights in series. I know that the red lights of other ...
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Can anyone identify this 1970s Mitsubishi pushback tug?

What's the original name and specifications of this probably 1970s pushback? The bottom of this model is stamped "Mitsubishi towing tractor." Made by Tomica. Bought at a flea market in ...
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EASA part 66 licence conversion to the Japanese version?

I am looking at a job proposal in Japan. I need to transfer my EASA Part 66 engineers license to the Japanese version. Can anybody offer any advice on how I would achieve this?
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I would like to fly from the Aleutians to Japan [closed]

I would like to know what is required to do this... what is the legal... what kind of fuel would I need to make the trip in say a 172XP Hawk. Has anyone done this and what kinds of procedures should ...
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Is there a way to find out which runway is used by which flight on a particular day/date?

For example, i want to know which runway was used by NH 829 that flies from NRT to BOM (Narita-Tokyo to Bombay-Mumbai) For flight tracking, I know and use these websites/apps - FlightAware, ...
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What is the process for converting a US certificate to a Japanese license?

I have a Japanese exchange student (here for at least 4 years) who is looking to pursue a pilot's certificate (up through commercial, potentially to an ATP rating) in the US and, upon returning to ...
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Are there any places I can take an FAA written test in Japan?

I want to ask FAA in person. But, I was not able to reach them. I tried phone call 8668782498, sent e-mail to local FSDO. But nothing coming back. I guess I have some possibility to take it in ...
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