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For questions about flying upside down.

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Is inverted aerial refeuling possible?

Google found lots of information about how to air-to-air refuel an inverted plane inside a video game. Is it possible in reality?
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Is the lift vector reversed during inverted flight?

Heard a physics professor say that when an aircraft flies inverted, the wing assumes a significant angle of attack (by pushing the stick forward) to continue to generate the necessary "upward" lift ...
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Does flying an airplane upside down imply negative AoA? Why?

I saw the statement below in this answer: Note that for normal level unaccelerated flight $C_L$ is always > 0. The minimum $C_L$ is a negative value for negative AoA, and would mean that the ...
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What happens to unstrapped passengers if the airliner were to fly inverted [closed]

If for some reason or the other, because of an emergency, or perhaps craving jail time or did not want her job, or perhaps a girls will be girls moment, a pilot and her captain decided to fly a large ...
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In general, how do aircraft handle differently in inverted flight versus in upright flight?

Inverted flight is flight with a roll angle between 90° and 270° (although it classically referred specifically to flight with a roll angle of 180° - i.e., upside-down). In what ways, in general, ...
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How do planes respond aerodynamically when bringing them into inverted flight by rolling?

For the sake of the question the plane is fully capable of inverted flight, no problems with engines etc. Background of the question is the observation that the airflow around the wing must also ...
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Which modern day prop (piston) engines allow for inverted flight?

A buddy of mine is looking to buy an airplane with an old radial engine because he says radial engines can fly inverted in aerobatic flying. What modern day engines (engines that you can buy today), ...
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Could a helicopter perform a forward inversion (front flip)?

This is inspired by a previous question What would happen if I bank a helicopter then pull hard on the cyclic? I've seen some pretty radical videos of piloting by Chuck Aaron, but I've not seen a ...
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Is inverted flight possible under these conditions? [duplicate]

My understanding of flight is that the primary aspect is the angle of deflection, and the purposes of the shape of the wing is to maximise efficiency. Could a commercial airliner with asymmetric ...
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What is the largest aircraft that has been flown inverted successfully?

What is the largest aircraft that has been flown inverted? For the purpose of the question: Sustained inverted flight is not necessary, therefore barrel rolls and loops count The aircraft must be ...
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How do fuel trim and air bubbles prevention work in inverted flight?

I was reading Why do many GA aircraft not have a "Both" fuel selector? and voretaq7's excellent answer got me to thinking. He cites the regulations noting that the plane must only draw fuel from one ...
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During inverted banking, what happens to heading?

In normal flight, a plane that banks will turn and change heading. What happens if the plane is inverted? If the plane rolled 180° to wings-level inverted flight, then it will not be turning. But if ...
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Why does flying inverted in a jet trainer starve the engine of fuel when there's a pump?

Such planes have an engine-driven fuel pump. If the pump isn't strong enough, wouldn't suction feeding assist? How does a modern fighter jet / aerobatic plane overcome this? Also, any general ...
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Are there full scale helicopters capable of sustaining inverted flight?

Background I'm a model aviation enthusiast and really enjoy seeing how far people can push the limits of aerobatics. Model aircraft are able to push the limits well beyond full scale due to their ...
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Are aircraft capable of sustained inverted flight at constant altitude?

Inverted flight as a part of manouveres, dogfights, acrobatics is fairly common but my question is: Are any aircraft capable of sustained inverted flight without losing altitude? e.g. Could you fly ...
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Is sustained inverted flight possible with any of today's commercial jet aircraft? [duplicate]

After viewing the movie " Flight", I was wondering if extended inverted flight was possible with any of the current larger commercial jet aircraft?
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How to enter an inverted spin?

Spins cannot occur without stalls. To enter a spin, a pilot would hold the elevator up and let speed bleeds off. This is how you'd approach a stall. Just as the stall starts to develop, apply full ...
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Does stall angle of attack in inverted flight change due to the camber of an asymmetric airfoil?

What is the stall angle in an inverted flight configuration? How does it relate to the stall angle in normal flight? As visible in the image below, in upright flight the lower pressure is on the ...
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Do any flight simulators go completely inverted?

From the pictures I have seen of airline simulators, it looks like the range of motion is limited to somewhat level flight. Are there any flight simulators, possibly military trainers, that can do a ...
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Is it possible to fly a large aircraft inverted?

I am curious if the inverted plane in the movie Flight 2012 has anything to do with reality / emergency practices. And if it does, can you please explain the concept/ aerodynamics behind of it , or ...
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