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Questions regarding insurance for aircraft or their operators, and any legal requirements for same.

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How much does glider insurance typically cost in the UK? [closed]

I (and my colleague from the club) plan to buy K8B glider. Does anyone know how much the insurance can be? We are both "just solo" pilots in our 50s. All insurance companies require details ...
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Low hour Pilot wants to move up to Piper Malibu Mirage but having trouble finding insurance [closed]

I am a 350 hour instrument rated pilot and current. I own and fly a Piper Saratoga II TC and I am rated for complex, high performance, retractable wheel airplanes. I have approximately 150 hours in ...
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Can the acting PIC sit in the back?

For a planned ferry flight under FAA Part 91, this is the scenario: Two of us, let's call us A and B (rated pilots for that airplane), want to sit in front and do the flying. A highly experienced ...
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I would like to insure my foreign registered aircraft in the USA

I am looking to fly my UK registered aircraft in the USA this summer. At present UK insurance companies will not insure aircraft flown in the USA and US insurance companies will not insure foreign ...
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How do insurers apportion responsibility when airliners collide on runways or taxiways?

Here's an ATC recording of Virgin and Egyptair aircraft clipping wings at JFK. Generally, what happens next with regard to sorting out responsibility after a low-speed collision that results in ...
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Do they wait until all aircraft have landed before winding up an airline?

This BBC article suggests that any announcement about winding up Thomas Cook will wait until late at night and all its planes are on the ground (I guess they don't fly long haul distances?) before an ...
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Hypothetical - Basic Med & Insurance

I have a friend that needs some info... He has a Basic Med certification in hand. He takes a drug that is on the DNI list however it is admissible with a SI (SSRI). His GP doctor signed his Basic ...
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How can I deal with insurance requirements for flight hours and training in order to carry passengers?

I just completed a helicopter rating and was excited to take friends for a ride in the R22 and R44. Then I learned that my flight school's insurance requires a total of 100 hours in helicopters and ...
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Can you get cheaper insurance with more experience?

I was exploring renters insurance on the AOPA insurance website and noticed that while you get a 10% discount for having no claims, there seems to be no difference in price between a private pilot ...
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What are the consequences of hail damage to a small GA plane?

I recently found a Cessna 172 that had been totaled by the insurance company because of hail damage. The PDF from that page has detailed pictures which show hail-divots all over the the wings, body ...
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What is the significance of the 10,600 lbs MTOW limit?

I recently noticed that several airplanes have MTOWs very near or exactly 10,600 lbs. That was an interesting phenomenon to me because I am familiar with the 12,500 lbs MTOW regulatory limit on ...
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What are typical insurance premium reductions for renters and owners as they earn instrument and commercial tickets?

I hear general claims that insurance companies dislike VFR-only pilots and that premiums fall as airmen move up in hours, ratings, and certificate levels. What are the hard data from the actuarial ...
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Time Tracking: Does Turboshaft count towards Turbine time?

another edit To clarify - I'm programming an application for logbook tracking and want to automate turbine time calculations to help people fill in insurance firms easily. edit: I guess a more ...
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What are typical insurance costs for airliners?

What are typical insurance costs for airliners, and how are they arrived at? Factors that might be relevant are hours flown, number of landings/takeoffs per year, total hours of airframe and engines,...
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Are military and passenger jets insured? [closed]

Are aircrafts insured? Basically, I want to ask who bears the financial liability in case of some mishap? The airline company/government or some other company.
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What level of liability should a GA renter's insurance policy have? [closed]

As a GA pilot who rents planes occasionally, I am looking at buying a renter's insurance policy so that I'm covered against the injury of any passengers as well as damage to the aircraft. For bodily ...
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Are there any pitfalls to be wary of when purchasing an "umbrella" insurance policy?

Typically, a pilot will have airplane insurance (or renter's insurance, if flying un-owned aircraft), car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and then for good measure purchase an "umbrella"-...
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Do aircraft owners need to purchase insurance?

As far as I know, most (or all) airplane owners purchase insurance that covers liability, if nothing else. Good idea or not, is aircraft insurance legally required in the US, in the way that ...
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When sharing an airplane, what liability does the owner bear?

What liabilities apply to the owner of an aircraft who allows other pilots to use his aircraft for not-for-profit and non-commercial use? Example: An aircraft owner has a friend that wants to use ...
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