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An endorsement to a pilot's license that allows the holder to legally perform flights under instrument flight rules (IFR).

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Can I retake my instrument rating written and practical exam with the FAA?

I was looking to get my restricted ATP at a university, but one of the requirements is to get my instrument rating from that university. Since I already have my instrument rating, but have not flown ...
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Rating Title Differences with ICAO CPL

I graduated from an integrated ATPL programme in Turkey. Rating part of my CPL is comprised of two lines. Goes like: IR/ME Valid until ... MEP(land) Valid until.. However, my friend from my class(with ...
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How do I maximize flight hour usage in getting an instrument rating?

I recently finished a private pilot certificate and I'd like to get a instrument rating while keeping my costs low. I understand I'll need 50 hours of cross country PIC time (VFR) and 40 hours ...
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