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The device inside a turbine engine that lights its fires. Basically a big sparkplug.

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What does "spark plugs appear yellow at the ignition point" mean?

I was reading the DLE-120 engine User Manual and saw this paragraph: Caution: Running the engine with a lean fuel mixture will cause the engine to overheat and burn the electrode of the spark plugs. ...
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What is a typical fuel temperature entering the burner for different mission flight points of a civil aircraft?

Is there a target regarding the fuel temperature that enters the turbine engine's combustion chamber and if so does it change with different operation flight points in civil aircraft applications? Is ...
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Why do jet engine igniters require huge voltages?

Wikipedia's Components of Jet Engines has this to say on the igniters: A high voltage spark is used to ignite the gases. The voltage is stored up from a low voltage (usually 28 V DC) supply provided ...
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What's wrong in this engine test cell picture from the book 'Ignition'?

This is picture taken from 'Ignition' book by John D Clarke. I am bewildered after seeing picture that I can't find wrong in this picture. I guess this is related to the structure of mach ...
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Do modern jet engines need igniters?

I've read that modern aircraft don't need spark plugs like conventional aircraft do, as the jet fuel autoignites once it's mixed with the hot air exiting from the compressors. Then why do aircraft ...
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Why is IGN SYSTEM A FAULT dispatch a NO GO on the A320 for ETOPS?

In the A320 MEL if Ignition system A is under MEL the aircraft can't be dispatched for ETOPS. Why is it specifically restricted for ETOPS because even while conducting non ETOPS if we go into ...
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