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ICAO SARPs (Standards and Recommended Practices) are technical specifications that have been recommended by ICAO for member states to adopt as civil aviation policy. This tag should be used on questions about the specifications in the ICAO SARPs rather than about the actual civil aviation regulations in a given place.

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How can I convert a frozen ATPL from South Africa to an Iranian one?

I have got a frozen ATPL license from South Africa and I'm from Iran. I came back home last year and I have converted my CPL/IR license to the Iranian piloting license by doing Air Law and Human ...
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ACN/PCN Reporting System - Tire Pressure

I have an Airbus A320neo WV054 and I want to operate at a RWY that has PCN 55/R/D/Y/T. Below is my aircraft ACN data as per the Aircraft Characteristics Manual. Looking at the table I can see that my ...
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Is the longitudinal extremity of an obstacle limitation surface based on the threshold or the displaced threshold?

In a case where a displaced threshold (DTHR) is present, should the longitudinal extremity of the obstacle limitation surfaces (for example, the conical surfaces) be counted from the threshold (THR) ...
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Is there ICAO document that describes MVA criteria?

According Skybrary article the minimum vectoring altitude in each sector provides 1000 ft above the highest obstruction in non-mountainous areas and 2000 ft above the highest obstacle in designated ...
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Is airport's magnetic variation value used for terminal procedure design?

I am studying how instrument flight procedures are coded to ARINC-424 format, and since I was curious about the method used to determine the outbound/inbound magnetic courses, I checked the section ...
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Which American State Aircraft use the RVSM exemption?

Reading about RVSM, I noted the exemption for "state aircraft." This is summarize in wikipedia as "State aircraft", which includes aircraft used in military, customs and police service, are ...
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