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Questions tagged [hydrogen]

For questions about the use of hydrogen as a fuel source in aviation.

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What is the protruding element on the vertical tail of this Airbus Zero E concept?

The TurboFan concept of Airbus Zero E has a protruding element on the top of its vertical tail, see the image below. Image source Zoomed image Only this variant of the Zero E has it, is it related ...
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Is there any information regarding the combustion efficiency of LH2 over kerosene?

Taking as reference the airbus A220 it needs around 22000 lt of kerosene to be filled. Is there a rough analogy of how much LH2 would the same aircraft need to operate in similar ranges. Of course ...
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Can liquid hydrogen be pumped directly into a jet engine without a heat exchanger? Is it burned as a gas or a liquid in the combustion chamber? [closed]

This NASA research paper on H2 engines includes a diagram of Wesley Kuhrt's 1956 design for a hydrogen-fuelled engine, which has no heat exchanger: (Image by United Technologies Corporation, via NASA....
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Efficiency of the Kuznetsov NK-88 or NK-89 engine burning hydrogen

It's tough to find data about turbofan efficiency running on hydrogen. The Tupolev Tu-155 has been used as a test bed for exotic fuels right before the fall of the soviet union, without much follow-up....
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Hydrogen as fuel for jet engine or afterburner [duplicate]

Why is hydrogen not used as fuel for fighters? I understand that hydrogen engines are not yet developed but why is there no research going on in that file. Can't hydrogen be used in specially designed ...
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How can adverse maneuverability due to a fuel tank behind the rear pressure bulkhead be mitigated in Airbus ZeroE hydrogen plane?

Airbus recently announced three concept aircraft for commercial use, powered by liquid hydrogen, with an ambition to have the plane in operation by 2035.
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Has anyone burned hydrogen in a gas turbine?

I am just wondering if supplying compressed hydrogen to a gas turbine (combustor) would be a better fuel as it has three times the octane rating of kerosene. It just seems better all around.
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Can hydrogen gas be an alternative fuel source for a gas turbine engine?

I want to do research for an alternative fuel source for a commercial aircraft that will reduce the cost for flights. Will the hydrogen gas be ignited in the combustion chamber and produce enough ...
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Is there any work on improving fuel tanks so they could store hydrogen?

I think that hydrogen is among the best fuels for use in supersonic and hypersonic flight, is there any work on improving fuel tanks so they could store hydrogen? What would be the best state to ...
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Are there any programs to build a hydrogen powered airplane?

So called "renewable energy" is a buzzword these days. Auto manufacturers are starting to roll out hydrogen powered cars. Hydrogen may not currently be the most efficient or economic fuel for jet ...
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Would hydrogen fuel tanks on an airplane increase lift?

Since hydrogen is lighter than air, would hydrogen fuel tanks help provide lift for the airplane?
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