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Oh, you know, things that make you smile and laugh? Jokes? Ridiculously bad answers that appear to have been written by a squirrel on acid? No? Not ringing any bells? Eh, you're not alone.

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Please explain real-world procedures behind this "ATC joke"

One of the well-known kind of the "ATC jokes" (funny excerpts from real or invented communication between pilots and air traffic controllers) has recently caught my eye. I can't seem to understand ...
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Is it possible to install a bike rack on a Cessna 172?

I stumbled upon a nice photo manipulation on Source My question is short and concise: Is it practically possible to do that? Is it okay in terms of aerodynamics, weight, CG? ...
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At what altitude, on land, do our ears pop? [closed]

So, it's obvious that our ears pop when we go into deep water or fly high in a plane but at what altitude on land do our ears pop? I need to know for a book.
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What is your favorite aviation joke? [closed]

This is funny! Please post jokes, pictures, cartoons, videos related to pilots, air/ground controllers, aircraft mechanics, flight/cabin/ground crew or anyone/anything related to aviation. Rules Any ...