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A heading is a compass direction, given in degrees (0-359°). It refers to the direction the nose of the aircraft is pointing, which may be different from the direction the aircraft is traveling (called a track). Use this tag for questions relating to the usage of the term heading, but should not be used for general navigation or ATC related questions.

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What are the differences between Bearing vs Course vs Direction vs Heading vs Track?

This answer from English.SE does not focus on aviation, and does not explain 'Track'. In basic, simple English, would you please compare and contrast all 5 terms in my question's title? The ...
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Where do I land if I fly from KLAX with a constant east heading, crossing the US and the Atlantic ocean?

Los Angeles KLAX and Casablanca GMMN (Morocco) are at the same latitude. If the aircraft follows a magnetic 090° heading, the initial true heading will be 102° due to the declination. (source ...
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How do I convert true heading to magnetic heading or the other way around?

Is there a method by which the conversions can be achieved on the fly by using a mathematical formulae and not using specific area charts?
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Is the heading used near the pole?

If I understand correctly, heading is usually measure relative to the pole (either magnetic or true). Traveling at a constant heading can't be approximated as travelling straight ahead when near the ...
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What's the difference between True vs Magnetic headings?

What is the difference between a true and a magnetic heading? Why are/were magnetic headings used in aviation?
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Are aircraft pilots required to fly runway heading for a certain distance?

If an aircraft rotates off the runway relatively quickly (runway mid-point for example), do pilots need to continue on the runway heading for a minimum distance before turning based on departure ...
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What is the meaning of “American 755, turn right, heading 320"?

I am studying a text entitled Unmanned Aircraft Systems. How can we simplify the instruction in quotes so that it is more understandable and can be understood by a nontechnical. Please note I am not ...
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Do controllers take wind into account when giving headings?

When ATC gives you headings to fly, do they consider wind correction? In theory they should because they call it a heading and not a track, but do they? After all, the heading they want you to fly ...
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Is the Garmin G1000's heading indicator based on a Magnetic compass?

How does the heading indicator displayed on the PFD of the G1000 work? A conventional cockpit uses a magnetic compass to correct the heading indicator. However, I don't know if the heading indicator ...
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How do I determine which radial intercept angle to use?

I'm studying for the (EASA) Instrument Rating exam and I found several questions about radial intercept angles in sample exams but nothing in the books I've studied and my flight instructor doesn't ...
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What is the use of heading bug?

When I started searching for Heading Bug (other bugs like altitude, speed bugs), I didn't get much clear idea about it. Usually this is displayed on Horizontal Situation Indicator display on the ...
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Why isn't the course fixed along an airway?

Why does in some cases magnetic course (not magnetic variation) change between navaids along a same airway? Isn't it supposed that a straight line in an aeronautical chart representing an airway has ...
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What trajectory do I fly if bearing angle is constant?

Let's suppose I am flying at constant bearing (initial and final heading are equal and constant) relative to the geographical north pole; what kind of trajectory would I be flying?
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Calculate/Measure Sideslip Angle from Heading Track and Drift Angle

Is there a way to measure the sideslip angle during flight through the relationship of heading, track and drift angle? For example if you turn the aircraft into head or tailwind - does the sideslip ...
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How do you realign a directional gyro in an area of magnetic unreliability?

The primary means of determining heading in most small aircraft is the directional gyro, as this instrument is unaffected by the magnetic dip errors that cause a magnetic compass to give the wrong ...
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Why separate autopilot controls for course and heading?

Is there an explanation better yet equally pithy than the beneath, in fewer than 50 words? Course is the direction in which the aircraft is flying over the ground. Heading is the direction in which ...
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How heading bug is calculated during cross wind and tail wind?

From this question, it is been suggested to ask different question, rather than keep discussing it under comment section. How is the heading bug calculated and used for navigation when there is a ...
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How is heading / windspeed written? [closed]

You have been given wind direction and speed, how would it be expressed? Thanks
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