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A highly-successful late-first-generation single-engine fighter jet built by Hawker (later Hawker Siddeley), which first entered service in 1954.

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Why can such a small difference in thrust make such a big difference in maximum speed?

I was recently comparing two aircraft, and, although I feel stupid asking this question, I wondered why one had a maximum speed of M2.2 compared to M0.94, when both have similar weight, both are ...
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What is the top speed of the twin seat Hawker Hunter?

Recently I learnt that the Hawker Hunter had a side-by-side twin seat trainer version. This is unusual, since more often the tandem configuration is used. I'm sure the engineers had a good reason to ...
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What does the zig-zag pattern on Hawker Hunter's leading edge represent?

On some Hawker Hunters, there is a zig-zag on the leading edge of the wing, as shown below. Why do only some Hawker Hunters have this feature, and what is it for?
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