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6 answers

Why are hangars so high?

Or, to be more precise why was the Type-C hangar so tall? Built in the 1930s across many airfields in the UK, it was built with a higher roof (11 m) than any contemporary aircraft. (higher even than ...
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Are there any models for planning aircraft placement in hangars?

I work alone at night doing line operations (fueling, tugging/towing, etc.) and emergency services (police, fire and EMS) at my airport. When a pilot/customer comes in and wants to know if we have ...
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How much does a new hangar at a major airport save an airline? [closed]

I'm doing research on a case involving United Airlines trying to build a new hangar at Newark International Airport, and being extorted by the chairman of the Port Authority. He demanded an ...
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What is the most economical way to store a small aircraft in a place with severe weather?

I'm interested in possibly owning a small aircraft sometime in the future. In the interest of finding out how much money it would cost, I recently called a local FBO and asked about a hangar rental. ...
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Are these hangars?

I found an AFB in Germany that has some sort of hangars. Look: And here there are more but in other AFB: Are they hangars? If so, why are they covered with grass?
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How many aircraft can airline put in hangar? [closed]

Another question talks about aircraft movement in and out of hangar. Most hangar I see at commercial airport I see one aircraft per hangar. This makes me wonder how many aircraft can be kept in the ...
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