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Why are commercial aircraft windows typically oval instead of circular?

Pretty much what the title says. Surely a circular window would allow more window area while not compromising on strength? Some planes(Gulfstream jets) do have circular windows. Is there a reason for ...
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What runway length and width is needed to land a G650 and take off?

How long and how wide should the runway be to take off or land a Gulfstream 650 on private ranch property?
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On a Gulfstream jet checklist, do you do the walkaround before or after disengaging the gust locks?

On a Gulfstream jet checklist, do you do the walkaround before or after disengaging the gust locks? With small planes we generally remove the gust locks as we do the walk around, but with a larger jet ...
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What's the aisle width of long range business jet?

What's the average aisle width for long range business jet such as Gulfstream G500?
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Are the Gulfstream III's ailerons controlled by hydraulically boosted cables?

Are the ailerons for a Gulfstream III controlled cables with hydraulic boost? Also, is it possible that an aircraft mechanic could easily access the control to tamper with it?
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What is the cost per hour of a Gulfstream V?

Could someone inform me about the exact operational costs of a flight hour for this specific type of aircraft?
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Do Gulfstream G650 rivets "smoke"?

Any G650 operators seeing "smoking" (i.e. they leave a dark trail on the fuselage) rivets on the fuselage at various locations?
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What is the takeoff decision speed (V1) for a Gulfstream G500?

Can someone tell me what is the decision speed (V1) of the Gulfstream G500? Is it 200kt as shown in this picture?
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Faults on Gulfstream G550/C-37B repairable in < ~3hrs without aircraft specific tools or spares?

Endeavouring to meet your requirements for specificity. brevity, question as title, etc. I am an author seeking a realistic fault/issue for a Gulfstream G550/C-37B meeting the following criteria: 1/ ...
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