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Can an instructor with an Instrument Airplane Instructor rating instruct for PPL?

I'm graduating from college this May, and as a graduation gift, I'm planning on getting my FAA PPL. I'm wondering if my father (with the FAA ratings below) could be my instructor for the 20 hours of ...
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In FOI why ACS/PTS it should be emphasized those documents are not a teaching document?

In Aviation Instructor’s handbook (FOI) they said “ACS/PTS it should be emphasized those documents are not a teaching document”Is there any reason?
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Can the holder of only a Commerical Balloon pilot certificate conduct the ground training for a "Flight Review" for Airplane only rated pilots?

In the U.S., since there is not a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating for "lighter-than-air" category pilots, someone who holds only a Commercial Balloon pilot certificate can provide ...
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Why is the "wind triangle" an instructional method for solving Wind Correction Angle problems?

When solving a wind correction problem, what are the benefits of graphing wind speed/direction, true course, and true airspeed? Any digital calculator would be quicker; even the E6B would be faster (...
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Difference between Assessment and Critique?

I was reading Aviation Instructor Handbook. I don't know the difference between assessment and critique. That would be great if someone could explain about it! Thank you! In my understanding, ...
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Do I need to be 'current' or hold a medical to become a Basic Ground Instructor?

I want to become an aviation ground instructor BGI. I hold a commercial, multi, instrument and F/E pilot certificate but haven’t flown in a long time. Do I need to be “ current” to become a BGI? Do I ...
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For the CFIs, CFIIs, MEIs, and AGIs - How often do you find students that utilize your ratings?

I am curious. Out of 100 new students that walk into the average flight school, how many only need a standard CFI, how many do instrument training, and how many do multi-engine training? Additionally, ...
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What written tests are required to become a ground instructor?

What are the written tests required to become a ground instructor? Do I have to take the FOI, BGI and IGI? Or just the FOI and IGI tests? I got confused if I should take the whole three tests - FOI, ...
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Are there schools that would hire a non-CFI ground instructor?

Do flight schools have a strong preference for the CFIs giving BOTH ground and flight instructions? Would there be any interest on the part of some schools to have a pilot, but not a CFI do the ground ...
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To become a BGI, what are the minimal requirements from the FAA?

To become a Basic Ground Instructor (BGI), what are the minimal requirements from the FAA? I am especially interested in understanding the minimal certifications (PPL/CPL) that are needed to obtain ...
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Lapsed Advanced Ground Instructor certificate, can I take a FIRC and and restore my privileges?

I hold an AGI certificate that I haven't exercised the privileges for in quite some time (more than 12 calendar months). According to 14 CFR 61.217, can I simply take a Flight Instructor Refresher ...
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Does a flight instructor rating supercede a ground instructor rating?

In the FAA jurisdiction, if an instructor candidate were to become a ground instructor (advanced and instrument) and receive that certificate, then later become a flight instructor (and CFII), would ...
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What is the step-by-step process to become a ground instructor in the US?

I would like to know about the whole step-by-step process to become a ground instructor in the US. My understanding is that any previous pilot or CFI certificates are not needed. So, are only needed ...
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Is any endorsement required to take the Advanced Ground Instructor test?

What, if any, endorsement is required to take the Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) test? 14 CFR 61.35 does make clear what is required for any knowledge test, but not what is specifically required for ...
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What categories/classes is a Ground Instructor able to instruct on?

Under §61.215 Ground instructor privileges, it says (a) A person who holds a basic ground instructor rating is authorized to provide— (1) Ground training in the aeronautical knowledge areas ...
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