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Questions tagged [grass-field]

Questions about grass-surfaced runways and operations involving same.

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What is required for repeated use of an unimproved area for *repeated* aircraft operations? [duplicate]

My friend and I were talking about their new house with 7 acres in rural Massachusetts. Since I'm always shopping for excuses to log hours, I half=jokingly talked about coming out to visit if they ...
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Is a braking rotation immediately after touching down a known maneuver?

In this video the airliner landing on grass rotates high up after touching down, looks like more than it would do during take off. Is it a known possible way to drop the speed or it was more for the ...
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What are the costs versus benefits of takeoff/landing on grass versus pavement in a light aircraft?

This question stated that landing on pavement is hard on tires compared to grass, however I don't necessarily agree with that. Even if it is true the impact on the gear and other components may ...
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Are grass strips more dangerous than tarmac?

There are a couple of flight schools near me. One is at a large airport, they use Piper Tomahawks primarily to teach. Naturally, they use well maintained, tarmac runways to takeoff and land. This ...
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Why is the landing distance increased on grass runways?

Checking the Cessna 152 POH it says to increase takeoff distance by 15% of ground roll (makes sense due to increased friction). Also says to increase landing distance by 45% (doesn't seem to make ...
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What are the implications of building a private airfield in the United States?

I've always wondered what it would take to build my own airfield. I live close enough to an area where this would likely be possible (50 NM radius around Front Royal, Virginia, obviously outside the ...
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What aircraft "don't respond well to tarmac runways"?

On the Shoreham Airfield Website they wrote, they have a tarmac runway for most aircraft and a grass strip (actually two) for "aircraft which need a grass strip". Quote: We appreciate that older, ...
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How does landing performance differ on water vs. ice vs. paved/grass runways?

It's a follow up from How do aircraft brake when using skis? Can someone give me data about difference between landing distance for each environment ? Paved Grass Water Snow/Ice Any aircraft is ...
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What are the FAA regulations on grass airstrips?

What are the FAA regulations on grass airstrips like grass height, lighting, necessary aircraft equipment, and the like?
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How heavy is too heavy to land on a grass strip?

This is actually a tricky question, because it's not just about gross weight, but about how much weight each individual tire imparts into the ground. This, of course, depends on the design of the ...
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