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Use for aborting a landing; use [missed-approach] for published procedures of the same

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How much does go-around cost?

What is the extra cost of aborted landing and go-around for typical "big" airliner?
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Is an aborted landing considered an incident for the FAA?

I was a passenger on a commercial aircraft on final approach into Salt Lake City. As we desended to approximately 1000' the pilot suddenly gunned the engine, climbed and aborted the landing. He then ...
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Is it possible to go-around at Lukla Airport?

On this airport, it seems the runway end with a wall followed by a mountains. Thus the pilots physically can't overrun the runway and if they decide to interrupt the landing, the go-around maneuver ...
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Do pilots need a clearance to go around?

I have read about the missed-SFO-accident and watched the 2:22 movie. I want to ask about going-around (or canceling takeoff) when the pilot is fully aware of an emergency that the tower is not (or is ...
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Can a glider make a go-around?

Since gliders don't have engines, is it possible for them to go around? Are there any extra features on a glider to try to prevent that situation from happening?
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How are go-arounds safe with close parallel runways?

Some airports operate simultaneous take off and landing on parallel but close runways. By close, I mean like the pairs of runways at LAX. What if a landing aircraft makes a go-around at the same time ...
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Do multiple go-arounds on the same flight happen in commercial aviation?

I know that go-arounds are pretty rare: somewhere around 2 per 1000 approaches. In large commercial aircraft the rate is probably even lower due to crew quality, instrumentation, conservative ...
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Why retract flaps at go-around?

As I understand the procedure for go-around it includes retracting the flaps. Why is this? The decision to make a go-around must sometimes be made quickly, under stressful conditions, like in bad ...
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Is there a minimum separation between a landing aircraft and another crossing its runway?

I have just seen this video of what has been called a runway incursion at LEBL (my hometown airport). A russian jet initiates a go-around after seeing an argentinian plane crossing runway 02: https://...
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Why do some pilots call a go-around an 'overshoot'?

A couple of months ago I was watching some Ice Pilots NWT re-runs, and I noticed they kept saying 'overshoot' when talking about a go-around. Is this standard Canadian phraseology? Or is it perhaps ...
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How often do commercial flights go-around? [duplicate]

I've seen many references here to a flight going around, and YouTube is filled with videos of it happening, but I don't recall ever having been on a commercial flight that had an aborted landing. It ...
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When (if ever) can ATC order an aircraft to go around?

Can ATC order an aircraft to go around if there is a tailwind? Or should ATC give the pilots the current wind information and let them decide whether to go around or land?
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How frequent are touch-and-gos?

Other questions on this site say that go-arounds are roughly 1-3 per 1,000 landings. But in many of them, as described by passengers, the wheels don't actually touch the ground. Recently I had a touch-...
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