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GNSS is a global satellite navigation system. GPS is the US GNSS.

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RAIM Checks when using GNSS in lieu of DME for distance information

I understand that a RAIM has to be checked on the ground as part of preflight, as well as before the commencement of an RNAV/RNP approach. What I am unable to find information on online, is whether a ...
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Along Track Distance ATD

ATD (Along-Track Distance) is used by ATC for certain types of (rare) NON-Radar Separation. I am training as an Air Traffic Controller in the USA. I have been told the only way to know if an aircraft ...
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What's the busiest airport that's not WGS-84 compliant?

Most latitude and longitude coordinates are defined relative to the WGS-84 standard, including GPS coordinates from your receiver. However, some coordinates are specified using local datums, and ...
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