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The ratio of the forward distance traveled to the vertical distance an aircraft descends when gliding without any power.

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Size of speed brakes for glider

I have a concept glider and I am trying to calculate the required speed brake area. The clean glide ratio is currently 30, and with speedbrakes, I am aiming at reducing it to something around 7. I ...
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What is the glide ratio of a DA42?

I was looking for the best glide speed of a DA42 with both engines out, but it seems it's not in the POH. In the emergency checklist, it only mentions a speed of 85 knots to maintain on final approach ...
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How much thrust can a balloon generate with wings?

I have heard that some balloons have been made with wings, angled such that they generate some forward thrust during the ascent. Balloons can also theoretically generate thrust with wings during a ...
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Maximise Range Vs Pitching Down while flying a Glider in a Downward Air Mass

While flying a glider, if I encounter a downward moving air mass (i.e. sink) while on final, should I fly to maximise range (best lift to drag ratio) or should I pitch downward in order to exit the ...
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I am working on a school project. I have looked up the airfoil database. There is a wide range of airfoils I have tried to optimize for my glider to no avail. How do i choose the best airfoil for a ...
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Under what engine conditions is glide performance typically determined in performance charts?

The performance section of an information manual I am using states that the glide range indicated is "power off". Does this terminology definitely imply that the engine is not firing? or ...
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Design Airbrakes Area (or choose) for Sailplane

I'm trying evaluate what airbrakes shape (area) need a sailplane to flight into thermal in minimun sink or approach. The main idea was to iterate adding drag with different flat plates (or more ...
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