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General aviation (GA) includes all civil aviation activities except scheduled, commercial passenger flights. GA covers private recreational flying, corporate jet flights, flight training, crop dusting, aerial photography, and other activities.

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Is there a good source for estimating the per unit cost breakdown for a classic GA plane like the Cessna 172?

For instance, on a Cessna 172 what percent is spent on: Raw materials Labor actually manufacturing the plane Testing the completed individual planes R&D Making the plane (at this point, very ...
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Why isn't Yamaha EPeX300Ti more popular in aviation?

The answer to this question might be obvious to experienced aviators. But as an armchair enthusiast, I really couldn't find a satisfactory answer anywhere on the internet. Below two pages came from ...
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Any general aviation terminals have jet bridges?

Has anyone seen a FBO or general aviation terminal with a loading bridge for passengers? I remember flying into PHL on a commercial flight landing at Terminal F and they had ground level loading ...
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Do I need any authorization to work and sign out performed maintenance on US-registered general aviation aircraft outside of USA?

I'm non-USA citizen and holder of FAA A&P Mechanic's certificate but haven't worked on US-registered aircraft since 1999 however all this time I'm involved in commercial aircraft maintenance and ...
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What jobs are available outside airliners in England, and how do I get into them?

I’m currently under training and intend to take on aviation as a lifelong career, but I’ve never taken to the idea of airliners. What general aviation jobs (like survey, aerobatics, cargo, small ...
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Is there a formula for calculating drag coefficient based on the 4 digit NACA airfoil?

Are there any existing formulas that can be used, or maybe some methods to derive an equation that can calculate the drag coefficient based on the NACA airfoil?
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Is the certification process for unbraked wheels and tyres different from braked ones?

Engineering a landing system for a thing flying with helium. Do unbraked wheels and tyres have a different certification process compared to braked wheels?
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Can a radio on VOX detect a loud tone and interpret as a cut on transmission (coming from pilot/cockpit)?

Can a radio using VOX detect a short tone and interpret it as a signal for cutoff of audio signal/transmission? this is A/G radio communication using a Schmid radio
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pre-departure sequence, how to increase number of flights in the sequence

If I have number of flights ready to depart (valid TOBT) if I want to increase the number of flights in the queue by adding flights in the gaps between any 2 flights whats the minimum seperation that ...
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Pilots diploma made in USA-nostrification in Europe. How it works -what are the procedures?

I am a Polish citizen and am presently enrolled in flight training in USA. Upon graduation, I will have approximately 250 hours of flight time and the following certificates and ratings: PRIVATE ...
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What exactly is LDI (Landing Direction Indicator), what does it look like, where should it be, how does it work and how do pilots use it?

What exactly is LDI (Landing Direction Indicator), what does it look like, where should it be, how does it work and how do pilots use it?
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ST-901 GPSS Converter diagrams

I'm looking for pin-out diagrams for the S-Tec ST-901 GPSS Converter. This unit will go between a Garmin GPS400W GPS Navigator and an S-Tec 50 autopilot.
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What is the difference between CANPA and CDFA?

What is the difference between Constant Angle Non-Precision Approach (CANPA) and continuous descent final approach (CDFA)?
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How to determine date of pilot license?

I wonder if someone can tell me how to find out what year my Dad got his private pilot license as well as his commercial pilot license? BC Canada Thank you.
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Why were there so few general-aviation aircraft in South Korea in the late 1990s?

While reading the AAIB report on the crash of KAL 8509, I came across (in section 1.17.11, “Korean aviation statistics”) this surprising information regarding the South Korean aircraft population in ...
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What does "ACFT MAX 65/7 " means on lido charts?

What does "ACFT MAX 65/7" on the minima box means? I found out that its related to wingspan and some vertical distance, but I still didn't get the vertical distance thing !!
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How can you calculate the required tailplane force to ensure steady state flight?

Consider a max forward and a max aft CG position.
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