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1 answer

Exactly where can a stowaway hide in a wheel well?

My question is exactly where a person could contort their body so as not to be mangled by the gear retraction system and very limited space. Some lived and died in the nose well and as I remember it, ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Why would a pilot leave the gear down after takeoff for extended period of time?

Normally when an aircraft departs, the landing gear is retracted shortly after the aircraft is airborne. While watching aircraft departing from an airport in my city, I noticed, that occasionally the ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Why does the hydraulic pump of retractable-gear GA aircraft run continuously throughout the gear cycle?

The POH of a Cessna T210N (which is a retractable-gear aircraft) states that the hydraulic pump will run 1 - 2 times per hour to restore system pressure bleed down, and whenever the gear up / down ...
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What do those writings mean that are on the landing gear doors?

I've been watching carrier videos a lot these days and I notice these writings. What do these writings means? I didn't upload all of them, most of the time there are location names and sometimes ...
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