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Questions tagged [fuselage]

The main body of the airplane that holds the cargo and passengers.

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How much does (or can) the fuselage of a long aircraft flex?

How much will the unsupported ends of an airliner's fuselage droop in level flight? In turbulence, how much vertical movement will they experience relative to the wing? And finally, in extreme ...
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Range, Endurance and Fuel Cost Savings of an Aircraft

I have recently carried out CFD simulations on the A320 fuselage and modified its fuselage. I did this by matching the Reynold's number of the cruising altitude. The reference values were taken at ...
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Is there a clear cut method for cutout on structural members?

I have been looking into fuselage cutouts especially, window cutouts on the skin panel for a school project. Reading Bruhn and Niu Books, both state that there are no clear cut methods for fuselage ...
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