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Different aircraft engines use different fuels; the most common types are Jet A or A-1 for jet and turboprop engines, and avgas for piston engines.

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Is there any authoritative source where I can find a list of companies producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel in the U.S?

Is there any authoritative source (website, directories, etc.) where I can find a list of companies producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in the U.S? Based on media reports it seems that there are ...
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How to get the fuel on board reading on UVdatalink via Honeywell ACARS system?

I would like to find out if anyone has encountered the following issue and how was it rectified. We are currently seeing the following results on UVdatalink for some of our aircraft that have ...
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Is there a specification of how efficient a fuel consumption / fuel burn of an airplane or engine could be?

I'm working on a project to determine whether, based on real flight data, is a flight efficient in its fuel burn/consumption. From the analysis of the flight data, i got fuel burn calculation, per ...
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What is a typical fuel temperature entering the burner for different mission flight points of a civil aircraft?

Is there a target regarding the fuel temperature that enters the turbine engine's combustion chamber and if so does it change with different operation flight points in civil aircraft applications? Is ...
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Flying in V formation with multiple planes

Logistically choreographed using air-traffic controllers to pair like planes headed in the same direction or by scheduling flights together, how much fuel could be saved pairing planes to fly in a ...
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What are the fuel requirements for Canadian flights?

I am aware of the "US Flag Jet", "Piston" and "Domestic" policies in the US, and the ICAO policies. Is there a specific requirement in Canada for domestic and also international flights? Does ...
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What is the fuel/air ratio of the CFM56-5A1 engine (in the A320 model)?

I could find the fan-bypass ratio, which was 6:1 (on some models 5:1) but I was unable to find the fuel to air ratio used in this engine. For reference, it is a high-bypass turbofan engine.
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What are the parameters typically used by airlines to assess the fuel economy and efficiency for their flights?

Are there parameters that are typically being used by airlines to assess the fuel economy and efficiency done in their flights? And how exactly those parameters are being used to do the assessments ...
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What percentage of US carriers do fuel hedging?

What is the percentage of US carriers that are hedging fuel? Who are they, other than Delta who still owns a refinery?
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how can someone view fuel shortage alerts?

Quoting , Airport leaders have ...
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How much fuel did the N Class Navy blimp carry?

The Navy N Class blimp was powered by 2 Wright R-1300 Cyclone 7 radial engines and was able to cross the Atlantic and back again without refueling. How many gallons of fuel did it carry for a maximum ...
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Are there any feasibility studies or research regarding the possibility of using Jet A in tropical countries?

Based on the ASTM D1655 standard specification for turbine fuels, the only difference between Jet A and Jet A-1 is the freezing point. Max [min?] -40 degrees Celsius (-40° F) for Jet A and max -47 ...
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Where can I find EUROCONTROL's fuel coefficients for the B737?

I am trying to compare the fuel impact of different types of approaches, to compute the fuel flow I am using a model developped by Eurocontrol (Base of aircraft data). I am struggling to find the fuel ...
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