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What, exactly, happens when I call 1-800-WXBRIEF?

In the USA, calling the above phone number gets a pilot in contact with a flight service station (FSS). After reading the AIM and the Leidos Flight Service website, I still have some questions: Where ...
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Why doesn't Ketchikan, AK have a control tower?

Why doesn't Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT) in Alaska have a control tower? The special flight rules applicable to the area (14 CFR 93 Subpart M) seem to make it clear that traffic management ...
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How would a pilot apply the information found on a 500 Millibar Vorticity chart to a flight?

The U.S. Flight Service website has these weather products listed: I have circled the 500 Millibar Vorticity Charts. I've been a pilot for 10+ years and have never heard mention of this chart by ...
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While flying, how do I contact someone who is on the ground?

As a regular General Aviation pilot, how do I contact or relay a simple message to someone on the ground? For example, to update a friend, family member, or taxi company with an ETA or a meeting point....
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Why do you need to provide your arrival airport when you close a VFR flight plan?

I file VFR flight plans all the time, now that makes it so easy to open and close them. Opening is easy, just click the activate button, but when it's time to close the flight plan, ...
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What is a transmit-only frequency?

I found the above in the Jeppesen Airport Chart Legend. What would be an example of a transmit-only frequency? Is it related to Flight Service Stations? If so, how? Where can I find an example for ...
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Does a flight briefer require a license in the US?

Flight briefers have to stay on top of a lot of different variables. In order to give a pilot the information they need for their flight they must be able to interpret weather forecasts, keep on top ...
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What should pilots state initially when telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information?

I've gotten this question wrong multiple times on practice tests. Sporty's study buddy claims the information is sourced from AIM 7-1, but it's nowhere to be found. Correct answers included: The ...
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What is the difference between EFAS and FSS? [duplicate]

What services do each provide and on what frequencies?
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Does the FAA verify or authorize VFR flight plans?

It's possible (and, at least by AOPA, encouraged) to submit flight plans for VFR flights, but ATC still do not perform many of the services they provide for IFR. Suppose I submit a flight plan for a ...
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How do I contact Flight Service while in flight?

How do I contact a Flight Service Station (FSS) in the United States in order to receive weather information or open a flight plan after I've already departed.
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Are there benefits to opening a flight plan if I'm flying over populated areas?

Here in Idaho we have a lot of mountains and desert areas where if I had to make an emergency landing or crashed it may take a very long time to find me. In that case I can see the benefit to opening ...
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