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Questions tagged [foreign-object-damage]

Damage to an aircraft due to another object striking it; the best-known type is when an object is sucked into one or more of the aircraft's engines, but other types also occur.

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34 votes
5 answers

Would it be viable to install a screen in front of jet intakes to prevent them from sucking in birds?

Why isn't there a protective screen with large diameter holes (approx 2') mounted in front of the jet engine intake to protect the turbine blades? This would keep larger birds and large ground debris ...
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14 votes
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Would a tumbleweed sucked into a jet engine on takeoff cause a serious problem?

I saw tumbleweeds going across flight path in El Paso, TX and it made me wonder, especially after seeing what birds can do. Would a tumbleweed ingested by a jet engine on takeoff cause serious ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can jet engine ingest (suck in) concrete from runway?

In the question Is there any emergency situation in which jet engines would not be shut down before passenger evacuation of a transport aircraft comment says: At full engine power, those vortices ...
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Would an S-92 / CH-148 (or any helicopter) be able to land successfully after rolling over and eating someone with its main rotor in flight?

In the SCP Foundation story "Over/",1 the protagonist and his fiancée get kidnapped by some terrorists looking for information, who eventually throw the two of them out of a CH-148 (with ...
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