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Questions tagged [flying-boat]

Aircraft with a fuselage shaped like the hull of a boat to enable landing on water.

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What type of aircraft do Tintin and Captain Haddock use on their way to Peru in "The Seven Crystal Balls"?

At the end of Hergé's The Seven Crystal Balls (first published 1943-1944), Tintin and Captain Haddock fly to Peru in a relatively big seaplane (or flying boat?). Is it a real aircraft? If so, what ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Giant RC Ground Effect Vehicle: How to determine the thrust required for takeoff from water

I am an aerospace engineering student, trying to design a large ground effect vehicle (GEV), and need advice/help to decide the thrust required for it to takeoff from the water surface. The model ...
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How are floatplanes deiced?

If a floatplane, seaplane, or flying boat has ice on the wings, how is the ice removed before takeoff? Can it be done while keeping the plane in the water?
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19 votes
2 answers

What is this flying boat and launch tower?

What is this structure and aircraft? It is Real Photograph number 188.
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16 votes
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Do flying boats carry anchors?

Inspired by the first comment here, and considering they are called "boats", do flying boats (or seaplanes) carry anchors?
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