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What is Snowbird flapping mechanism?

Reading this question and the great answer to it talking about Snowbird sustained human powered flight visible here, I was wondering and still cannot find nor figure out how power is converted from ...
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What is the speed and temperature profile of the boundary layer at the stagnation point?

At the statgnation point where the air velocity is zero, what is the shape of the velocity and temperature profile of the boundary layer? Is the velocity profile of the boundary layer in the form of a ...
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Does lift decrease in hypersonic speed?

In John Bertin's Aerodynamics book, it is said that when the thickness of the boundary layer is low, the displacement thickness of the boundary layer is also low, and therefore the curvature of the ...
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How to convert LVLH-relative angular velocity to ECI-relative angular velocity?

Suppose I have angular velocity of the LVLH frame relative to the Body frame, expressed in LVLH, how can I know what is the angular velocity of the Body frame relative to ECI, expressed in ECI? I also ...
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Is there a fixed ratio between highest L/D and max endurance L/D?

It can be demonstrated that, for any airplane, there is a fixed ratio between the maximum range and maximum endurance speeds (1.31607...). Does another, fixed ratio exist between highest L/D and L/D ...
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Control surface deflection during takeoff

What is a reasonable (or typical) control surface deflections required for takeoff? I would like to know two ball park values if possible elevator deflection for conventional transport aircraft ...
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What is missing from these diagrams of the forces in slips and skids?

See these images that are widely reproduced in many different on-line ground school materials. A) Is the magnitude of the wing's lift vector illustrated correctly in each of the three cases? Should ...
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