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How come planes can endure more positive than negative g's? I.e. how come V-n diagrams are not symmetric?

In this question A380 reverse thrust on only half the engines some doubts were raised about the strength of structures in certain directions. Specifically, Peter Kämpf states: Aluminium and ...
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How does an aircraft's weight affect the V-n diagram?

I have a reasonable understanding of what a V-n diagram shows and what the envelope and the boundaries mean. However, the question I have is how does the weight of the aircraft specifically affect the ...
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What is causing these "corners" on this F-104 V-n diagram?

In this V-n diagram for an F-104 (source: this Wikipedia link), on the left-hand edge of the flight envelope, what is causing the "corners" that we see at the following points? (Numbers are ...
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In this F-104 V-n diagram, why does the stall speed (in terms of IAS) decrease with altitude in some parts of the flight envelope?

(This question has been edited to reflect a change in perspective: based on answers to the related question What is causing these "corners" on this F-104 V-n diagram?, I now believe that the ...
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