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Questions tagged [flight-engineer]

The flight engineer is a flight-crew member, a position found on many older aircraft, who monitors and controls various aircraft systems but does not fly the aircraft.

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2 answers

Why was the B727 flight engineer referred to as the third crewman

In A Case Study in Aircraft Design: The Boeing 727, published as a retrospective in 1978, the authors repeatedly refer to what would generally be called a flight engineer as the third crewman. This ...
7 votes
1 answer

on the airbus A320 does applying rudder and tiller sum up?

on the airbus A320 while taxing, does applying rudder and tiller sum up the turn? if so where is it mentioned
16 votes
1 answer

What is this instrument for on the 747 flight engineer's panel?

Above the flight engineer's panel in a 747-100 there is an instrument that looks like a curved spirit level. What was it used for? source
5 votes
1 answer

Did British Airways or Air France use Professional Flight Engineers on Concorde?

Did British Airways or Air France use Professional Flight Engineers (non-pilot PFEs) on Concorde or were the flight engineers required to be pilots (not necessarily qualified to fly Concorde) who ...
10 votes
1 answer

How did the 737 become a 2-crew plane?

In 747-400 documentaries it's often said that the switch from 3- to 2- crew cockpit is attributed to the digital displays that present only the relevant information, combined with the FMS. Little to ...
7 votes
1 answer

What would happen if the flight engineer is unavailable on a 747?

Consider a 747-100/200 with a 3 person crew: two pilots and one flight engineer. During the flight, the flight engineer suffers a medical problem and is unable to serve duty for the rest of the flight....
7 votes
1 answer

Could a flight engineer fly a jet solo?

In modern two-engine planes, if one pilot is disabled, it's my understanding that the remaining pilot can safely fly and land the plane. But what about in aircraft like the 727, which had two pilots ...