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How many active Cessna 172 aircraft (or any other make/model) are there in the United States?

I define "active" in accordance with the FAA's definition: "An active aircraft is one that flies at least one hour during the year." The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) ...
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How many executive jets does the US military have access to (as opposed to owning outright)?

Last night around 8pm at least 12-15 executive jets flew into PSM over my house one after the other. Apparently the Air Force brass were having some kind of powow, which isn't surprising given that ...
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Can stored/leased 737s be used to substitute for grounded MAXs?

The 737 MAX was introduced relatively recently. I would have assumed they were replacing at least some older 737 models in operation with the major airlines that took them (eg Southwest, American, ...
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Why has the Bombardier CSeries been delayed in starting service with Delta Air Lines?

Delta Air Lines placed a large order for the Bombardier CSeries. I don't know the original projected date for the start of CSeries flying, but I think it already passed. When is DAL planning to start ...
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What are the role and responsibilities of "fleet captains"?

I understand that fleet captains are usually experienced airline captains that take over this management position and deal with training, staffing and administration of a particular aircraft type (or ...
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