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An airplane control surface that incorporates aileron and flaps into the same device.

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On large aircraft, why do flaperons not run the full length?

This is a 777 flaperon. It looks rather tiny, compared to the flap. There have been air disasters where the airplane rolled uncontrollably for one reason or the other. It seems to me that a larger ...
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2 answers

What are advantages and disadvantages of flaperons?

What are some advantages and disadvantages of flaperons? Do they cause some issues or are they top-notch reliable?
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Why do flaperons 'move down then up' on takeoff roll on a 787?

The flaperons on the 787 go through certain motions once the TO/GA is pressed. I've always seen it when the 787 is viewed from behind on takeoff. The motions are completely symmetrical, i.e., not ...
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