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Questions tagged [ferry-flight]

Ferry flights are delivery flights for the purpose of returning an aircraft to base, delivering a new aircraft from its place of manufacture to its customer, moving an aircraft from one base of operations to another or moving an aircraft to or from a maintenance facility for repairs, overhaul or other work.

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How do jet fighters get to war?

Currently Australia is deploying F/A-18E/F Super Hornets to the UAE to fight in Iraq. Obviously the UAE (and Iraq) is a very long way from Australia and well beyond the typical range of one of these ...
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Can the A380 ferry an extra engine, like the 747?

A useful little quirk about the 747 is that it can ferry a fifth engine on the wing, for when another aircraft is stranded somewhere in the world. Does the A380 have the same capability? If not, how ...
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How do airliners get from the factory to the client if the aircraft does not have the required range?

Today I flew on an Embraer 190 of Kenya Airways. Checking in the tech specs this aircraft has a range of roughly 2900 km. Considering it is built in Brasil, I was wondering how do they deliver it to ...
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How are GA aircraft ferried from factories?

It's relatively easy to transport jet aircraft like Airbus and Boeing: most of them have a long range, and a few hops at most would get them to the owner. But how would a Cessna manufactured in U.S. ...
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Is a single-engine ferry flight allowed with a twin-engine plane?

If a twin-engine aircraft has an engine problem and could fly somewhere for maintenance, is a single-engine ferry flight ever allowed? If so, do airlines or pilots ever decide to do this?
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Who operates delivery flights for commercial airlines?

Seeing an A220 flying to Atlanta for delivery to Delta made me wonder: Which crew operates a delivery flight? The manufacturer’s pilots? Or the airline’s crew?
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Who flies planes on ferry flights?

Two questions regarding ferry flights: When an aircraft has to be delivered, who flies it to the destination airport? Does the manufacturer have a dedicated crew for this or is it up to the airline ...
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What is the ferry range of an A380?

The Wikipedia entry for the A380 gives the maximum range at design load as 15,700 km. The equivalent entry for a Boeing 747-400 gives around 14,000 km but distances of 18,000 km have been performed in ...
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What are the requirements of ferrying a spare engine?

It was not uncommon in the 60s and 70s to have B747 ferrying a spare engine. (source: Australian Aviation) Was that allowed only on aircraft specifically designed with a pod, or was that possible to ...
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When are multiple hops more efficient than single leg?

Considering a very long route (equal to the max ferry range of an aircraft[1]). Would it be more fuel efficient to fly multiple legs or a single one ? Multiple legs would allow you to use less fuel,...
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Ferry Permit for aircraft outside the U.S

The aircraft originally had a U. S. airworthiness certificate then was exported to Brazil. It is now being sold to a company in the U. S. for U. S. operations. Can this aircraft be issued an "N" ...
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What regulations surround fitting aftermarket fuel tanks inside the cabin?

Watching the first episode of Dangerous Flights, a ferry pilot has aftermarket fuel tanks fitted inside the cabin of an old Merlin IIB: What are the regulatory requirements to be able to do this? / ...
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What are the consequences of attaching an unused extra engine under Boeing 747 wing?

It turns out Boeing 747 can carry an extra engine under its left wing in case there's need to transport an engine somewhere far away. The engine is attached between the body and the left inner engine ...
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Can a 777X legally be ferried with one or both wingtips folded?

The 777X family (777-8/-9/-10) features wingtips that fold up on the ground to let the aircraft fit in tight spaces. These have to be extended and locked in place before a revenue flight can take ...
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Do I need a ferry permit for an alternator repair ferry flight within a mode C veil?

My Cessna 172 SP's alternator died while stationed at a class D airport, less than 10 miles from my home field (another class D). Both airports are within the mode C veil of a nearby B airport. ...
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How were military gliders positioned to their departure point?

Modern sailplanes are usually positioned to their departure field using a trailer. How did military gliders get to their departure field?
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Is this ferry flight route possible for a B737-800 WL?

Recently a new aircraft, B737-86X (tail AP-BNA) was delivered to a new airline in Pakistan. The ferry flight as reported by planespotters is BFI - BGO - KHI but this seems like a large stretch given ...
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Who pilots an aircraft that is on a delivery flight? [duplicate]

Right about now (Jan 28, 2016, 08:12 UTC), a Boeing 737-8AS is cruising over Manitoba/Nunavut on a delivery flight from Seattle Boeing Field (BFI) to Dublin Airport (DUB). The flight is labelled ...
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Are pilots over the age of 65 allowed to act as PIC for ferry flights between the UK and Canada?

I have been informed that I'm not allowed to act as PIC for a ferry flight to and from the UK for a Canadian commercially-registered transport aircraft that I currently fly in Canada for charter ops. ...
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Are cargo aircraft ever ferried empty?

If the amount of cargo is not evenly distributed across a network a freighter will sometimes have to fly a route not loaded to capacity. Do cargo freighters ever have to be ferried empty to alleviate ...
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If I ferry an aircraft to the United States (from say the UK) is it a commercial or private flight?

If I am paid to ferry an aircraft from the UK to the US and then leave the aircraft in the US, is it a private or commercial flight? I am not carrying passengers or cargo, but perhaps the aircraft ...
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Can aircraft ferry engines for other types of aircraft?

There have been a number of questions that highlighted the fact that the 747 could ferry an engine on an underwing pod. Was the 747 only capable of ferrying 747 engines? Or was it possible to ferry ...
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How do ferry flight operators like Nomadic Aviation maintain type rating for their pilots?

The recent VT-EVA ferry flight from BOM-Paine Field - US desert really piqued my interest about how the crew are arranged for such flights? B747-400 is a pretty rare aircraft now a days, and I don't ...
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Do ferry flights to the US that are not ADS-B Out equipped require a special ferry permit from 1 Jan 2020?

The aircraft is not compliant with ADS-B Out DO 260B and will be parked in Arizona after return. Can this aircraft fly to the State for ferry flight only to US without ADS-B Out DO 260B? Should I ...
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Are there any duty time limitations on ferry pilots?

What FAA regulations are in force when a commercial pilot is being compensated to ferry a newly purchased aircraft? Is there a limit on duty time?
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How are regional planes delivered? [duplicate]

For example, E190s are produced in Brazil but operate in places like Germany, China, etc. Surely they can't fly these distances, so how are they delivered?
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How can I tag along on an Atlantic crossing?

I'm a private pilot based in the US and interested in tagging along on a North Atlantic crossing. I have too little experience to dare to attempt it myself, but I'd love to experience it. Does anyone ...
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