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Questions tagged [feature-identification]

For questions about identifying a feature or design on an aircraft or airport.

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What is the protruding element on the vertical tail of this Airbus Zero E concept?

The TurboFan concept of Airbus Zero E has a protruding element on the top of its vertical tail, see the image below. Image source Zoomed image Only this variant of the Zero E has it, is it related ...
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What is this thing apparently attached to the bottom of this Caravelle's engine, and why is it there?

This Caravelle 10B appears to have something mounted on, or stuck to, the lower surface of its No. 2 engine nacelle. (Image originally by clipperarctic at Flickr, via Russavia at Wikimedia Commons; ...
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Can anyone help identify this turbine blade?

At the local army/navy surplus store and found this in a "junk" box. Got it for $1. Would live to know what airframe this came off of. Im new to this so compressor blade? Compressor turbine? ...
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PZL M28 Skytruck exhaust alignment

Watching a short documentary on PZL M28 Skytruck, I noticed it has quite oddly aligned exhaust pipes. They point almost directly downwards, with only slight aft tilt: Picture credit: Łukasz Golowanow ...
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Identification of control column spade

I have a control column head similar to that used on the Spitfire and Hurricane but with two levers for cables coming up from the stick. I would like to find out what aircraft used this type. Markings ...
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