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Part 25 of the US Federal Air Regulations (FARs) is titled "AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY AIRPLANES"

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What are the airworthiness requirements for transport category hybrid airships?

According to section 1.2 of the Airship Design Criteria (FAA P-8110-2), the FAA limits the applicability of airship airworthiness requirements to aircraft "capable of achieving zero static heaviness ...
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How long does a non-ETOPS flight need to be able to fly in an one-engine-out situation?

Let's say that you're in a 737, mid-cruise in a non-ETOPS situation, and you lose one engine. Are there any FARs governing how long you need to be able to stay airborne? Or is all that's required the ...
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Why don't Transport Category aircraft have a listed Vy?

I was talking with a pilot about an inability to maintain the targeted climb rate in a particular situation and asked him what the Vy was for the jet. He curtly replied "Vy is only for Part 23 ...
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Why would an airplane be approved for ditching?

So, the Learjet 60 that I used to fly has the following limitation: My question, is why would a manufacturer certify an airplane for ditching if it isn't required? The airplane is most likely going ...
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