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Why do twin-engine Diamond aircraft have a single FADEC lever instead of two engine throttles?

From my understanding, if you have a twin-engine aircraft with 2 lever engine throttle one for each engine you will be able to use differential thrust to steer in case of steering malfunction. I don't ...
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Why does an engine fail if its FADEC fails?

Due to scarce resources on Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) and different FADEC technologies used in different engines, I have a poor understanding of it. As the title says, why can't we ...
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Why did the pilot in this EC135 crash change the throttle setting after encountering wake turbulence?

I’m confused in this accident why the Eurocopter EC135 pilot decided to manipulate the throttle after encountering wake turbulence - I can’t think of a reason for this. Could someone please explain ...
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Is there a standard on-board diagnostics protocol for FADEC aviation piston engines?

Almost any car engine manufactured since 1997 will have on-board diagnostics, either the OBD1 or more recently the OBD2 standard which provides a standard for protocols, standard message codes and a ...
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