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The US FAA's Pilot Proficiency Award Program (Wings) promotes air safety and encourages general aviation pilots to continue training and maintain proficiency. All of this in an effort to prevent aircraft accidents.

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How long to receive FAA wings lapel pin?

Did anyone request FAA wings lapel pin? If yes, how much time do they take to ship and receive? Do you know if I requested all three phases at once will I get three or just one pin?
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Is a physical lapel pin awarded for FAA Safety Wings?

I have recently got my PPL, and started the FAA Safety Wings program. After completion of each phase, are we awarded a physical lapel pin?
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How do you apply to offer WINGS credit for an event you are sponsoring?

Douglas Rotary is sponsoring a fly-in October 3, 2015 in Douglas, AZ at the Douglas Muni. Airport. How do we apply to get pilots WINGS credit for their training?
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How thoroughly can WINGS phases substitute for a flight review?

If a pilot is unable to act as PIC because they need a flight review, can they instead earn WINGS credits and complete a phase? Everything I have read, including §61.56 and AC 61-91J, suggests that ...
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How do I use the FAA's WINGS program as a flight review?

I know pilots can substitute WINGS phases for the Flight Review otherwise required every two years. How do I do this? Do I have to attend a class to meet all the equivalency requirements?
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