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Questions tagged [f-15]

A twin-engine fighter jet produced continuously, in multiple versions, by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) since 1972.

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How was flutter mitigated in jets such as the F-15 and F-16?

As I understand it flutter was a serious problem for early jets, like the XF-104. Flutter can affect any of the extended members of an aircraft during high-speed flight, including the wings and the ...
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Why does the F-15 have a swept-back trailing edge at its wing tips?

The F-15's wing has an curious feature: a swept-back trailing edge near the wingtips, along with an unswept inboard portion of the wing. (Modified from
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Why isn't the F-15E called F/A-15?

In my understanding, "F" stands for "fighter" (air-to-air) and "A" for "attack" (air-to-ground). E.g., the F/A-18 Hornet can attack air and ground targets, which is why it's called F/A-18. the A-10 ...
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Why is an F22 slower than an F15?

An F22 has a higher thrust to weight ratio. The F22 has around ~70,000lbf thrust from its F119 engines, where as the F15 has around ~48,000lbf thrust from its F100 engines. But every metric I can ...
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What is this "flap-like" thing on the back of the F-15?

I saw an image of an F-15 landing. What is that flap-like thing in the top of the plane in this picture? I couldn't find it on any other pictures or drawings of this aircraft.
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What is this pilot doing before boarding his F-15?

In this video ... Fast takeoff of an F-15 Eagle from an air base in Iceland ... what is this one thing the pilot does on arrival, before climbing the ladder? It looks like he's putting something, ...
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How possible is a successful landing just with 1 wing?

Having in mind this famous F-15 incident : Would this be possible with any other fighter-jet? Or was there something really specific to F-15's design that allowed this ? Would this be possible at all ...
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Why was the F-14 retired 15 years ago while the contemporary F-15 is still operational?

The F-14 and the F-15 were designed in almost the same years and each one was at the top of its own "compartment" (respectively, US Navy and US Air Force). However, almost 15 years ago, the ...
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What is this sound for when starting the engine of an F-15?

If I remember correctly, to start up old fighters such as F-4s, you need an ASU but it looks new fighters do not need an ASU. Today, I was watching this video. It's a so cool video to know how new ...
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Why doesn't F-15 have a protruded cone at its rear like what the Su-35 has?

Why doesn't F-15 have a protruded cone-like structure at its rear like what the Su-35 has? Left one is Su-35. Right one is F-15. This is Radar Warning Receiver. Where is F-15's RWR?
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3 votes
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How is an x-ray image taken of a combat airplane?

At 7:31 in the following Youtube video (the link should start at 7:31, t=451): There is an x-ray image being shown, of (I presume) part of the guts of an F-15. How are ...
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Where can I find details on the control surfaces of the F-15C?

Me and my team were working on a short animation and I need precise details on the following if you guys can point me to a website or answer them here it'll save hours off my search cause Google isn't ...
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F-15 APU or JFS

Can a portable GTCP-85 series be used on an F-15? Or is there no capability to use an external APU. As I understand, F-15's use the JFS-190?
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What specific features of the Sukhoi 27 make it a rival to the F-15?

I just read an article about the Sukhoi 35 that mentioned as a side note that: The Soviet SU-27 was designed to kill the American F-15 Of course the political context of the Cold War agrees with ...
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F15 Startup Intake drop

So I’m aware that the F15 has intake Ramps that adjust to airspeed and AOA, in order to ensure that the airflow is entering the engine smoothly and not too fast. But why does the system drop the first ...
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Are there altitude limitations for aircraft-carried targeting pods, and are the reasons for those limits known?

In one of the 10-percent True interviews / dialogs with "Starbaby" Petrucha, Starbaby (an F-15E Strike Eagle WSO, among other things) asserts the targeting pod on the Strike Eagle, at the ...
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