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Questions tagged [f-15]

A twin-engine fighter jet produced continuously, in multiple versions, by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) since 1972.

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F-15 APU or JFS

Can a portable GTCP-85 series be used on an F-15? Or is there no capability to use an external APU. As I understand, F-15's use the JFS-190?
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F15 Startup Intake drop

So I’m aware that the F15 has intake Ramps that adjust to airspeed and AOA, in order to ensure that the airflow is entering the engine smoothly and not too fast. But why does the system drop the first ...
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Are there altitude limitations for aircraft-carried targeting pods, and are the reasons for those limits known?

In one of the 10-percent True interviews / dialogs with "Starbaby" Petrucha, Starbaby (an F-15E Strike Eagle WSO, among other things) asserts the targeting pod on the Strike Eagle, at the ...
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