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What's the effect of density altitude on take-off speed and acceleration?

For the EASA PPL(A)-exam I got the following question: An increased density altitude has the following effect: Increased take-off speed and decreased acceleration Decreased take-off speed and ...
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INOP parking brake on checkride

The ACS states that the applicant must secure the airplane and complete the appropriate checklist. The checklist states to set the parking brake. But what if the parking brake is inoperative? What ...
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Minor taking written exam

Does anyone know if a parent/guardian needs to be present for any reason in order for a 16 year old to take the FAA written exam? Or are there any other technicalities/considerations when it comes to ...
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Are FAA Written Exam Questions 'Dynamically' Selected?

I tried to google this and could not find the answer. For the FAA written exams (private pilot exam, more specifically), how are the 60 questions selected? I have heard it said that they are ...
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How does deploying full flaps affect Takeoff run and distance?

There is a question in EASA Question Bank (AviationExam) that asks: How will the takeoff distance change if the flaps are increased from 0 to full? (a) Reduce (this is marked as correct since many ...
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Can the NPPL exams now be taken online?

I can see that the CAA portal now offers PPL theory exams online from this article and by signing into the portal: Can the 5 exams required for an NPPL(m) now be taken online?
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