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The Eurofighter Typhoon is a British-German-Italian-Spanish twin-engine multirole fighter with canards and delta wings.

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2 answers

Why is the Eurofighter Typhoon's nose gear door shorter than the bay?

The Eurofighter Typhoon has an interesting "feature" in that the nose gear door is shorter than the nose gear bay itself by a good few inches, as shown here: Can anyone shed any light on the reason ...
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Can a military pilot make his airplane invisible for the ATCs?

I'm writing a story about the pilot of the Austrian Air Force, who uses his Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft for unintended purposes. I've read stories in the internets that civil pilots allegedly can ...
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18 votes
1 answer

What is this hole on the left wing of the Eurofighter Typhoon?

I came across the picture below and saw the hole near the centerline on the left which appears to have some carbon next to it. What is its purpose and where does the carbon come from?
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Why does the Eurofighter Typhoon pitch up on brake release?

In the video here of an airshow take-off, it's noticeable that when the brakes are released there's a brief but pronounced fluctuation in pitch as the aircraft accelerates. This is something you see ...
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What is the function of the holes in splitter plates?

Do the holes in splitter plates reduce the boundary layer, or do they serve a different function such as acoustic/vibration damping? Many splitter plates have a series of holes drilled into the ...
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Why does the Eurofighter Typhoon have a long arm canard versus the close coupled canard of the Dassault's Rafale or the JAS-39 Gripen?

The Rafale and the Gripen are quite similar but the Eurofighter Typhoon has the canards far forward. I've been told that this was due to the shape of the air intake. Apparently the Typhoon's air ...
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Can a Eurofighter 2000 trainer be converted to a combat-capable Eurofighter 2000?

It surprises me to see that in some aircraft inventory listings, a rather considerable percentage of combat aircraft are "trainer" versions. E.g., the current inventory of the Spanish Air ...
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Why would a foreign military aircraft be parked at a US Air Force base?

The aircraft in the attached Google Earth screenshot appears to be a Eurofighter Typhoon, parked all alone on the tarmac at Eglin AFB, Florida. Why would one single foreign fighter like this be found ...
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Why is the IRST not centered on the Eurofighter Typhoon?

Following links included in this answer, I noticed the IRST is located on the left side of the Eurofighter Typhoon. It seems that this asymmetrical location is common (Dassault Rafale, MIG 29,...). ...
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Question about Eurofighter structure

I was researching for the Eurofighter and I came up with a picture of its structure. I have three questions about its parts. I can't understand the role and the usage of them. Can anyone help me? ...
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What is the Eurofighter's altitude record?

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a pretty nimble fighter jet, and many European countries use it in their military. Its service ceiling is 65,000 ft, but what is its current altitude record from a zoom ...
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Why is there such a low level of automation in the aerospace industry (compared to other industries such as automobile)?

I have been watching some episodes of the documentaries made by National Geographic lately and I have noticed something that I can't find an explanation for. In this episode of Megafactories - ...
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What are the holes on the top side of the canard of Eurofighter Typhoon for?

The Eurofighter Canard has some holes on top side. What are these holes for? ?
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What is this thin strake on the side of the Eurofighter Typhoon?

It looks like it's right where the canard would be if it was close-coupled.
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What's this outlet on the wing of Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000 for? [duplicate]

I was seeing this image and saw this outlet. It's not the outlet of an APU, is it?
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Why is there a radioactivity sign on the Eurofighter's missile?

In this link you see a Eurofighter Typhoon having a missile with a radioactivity sign on it. The inscription below "DANGER" is too small, I can't read it. This is an Austrian Eurofighter ...
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What wing design provided the best energy retention for a fighter jet

As far as I know, tailless delta wings have the worse energy retention during a turn, is that true? If yes then why is that the case? Also jets like F16 with root extended shallow delta wings (40% ...
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Why the European Eurofighter Typhoon did not have pitot tube in front of the radome? [closed]

The layout of the aircraft does not have the proper pitot tube. I believe that the aircraft needs clean airflow for its instruments .
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