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The Eurofighter Typhoon is a British-German-Italian-Spanish twin-engine multirole fighter with canards and delta wings.

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What is the function of the holes in splitter plates?

Do the holes in splitter plates reduce the boundary layer, or do they serve a different function such as acoustic/vibration damping? Many splitter plates have a series of holes drilled into the ...
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What is this hole on the left wing of the Eurofighter Typhoon?

I came across the picture below and saw the hole near the centerline on the left which appears to have some carbon next to it. What is its purpose and where does the carbon come from?
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Can a military pilot make his airplane invisible for the ATCs?

I'm writing a story about the pilot of the Austrian Air Force, who uses his Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft for unintended purposes. I've read stories in the internets that civil pilots allegedly can ...
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Why does the Eurofighter Typhoon have a long arm canard versus the close coupled canard of the Dassault's Rafale or the JAS-39 Gripen?

The Rafale and the Gripen are quite similar but the Eurofighter Typhoon has the canards far forward. I've been told that this was due to the shape of the air intake. Apparently the Typhoon's air ...
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