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ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operations, or simply Extended Operations) are a system of rules allowing twin-engine aircraft to fly routes passing further away from the nearest diversion airport than would otherwise be permissible.

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What is ETOPS and how does it work?

According to this press release by Boeing earlier this year, the 747-8 has received its ETOPS 330 rating. This is required by all 4-engined planes made after February 2015 to fly beyond 180 minutes ...
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Are there diversion points for southern Pacific great circle route flights?

At first I wasn't even sure if any airlines flew southern Pacific great circle route flights, but it looks like Qantas (QFA27) operates a flight between Sydney and Santiago, Chile. For northern ...
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What is the main difference between an ETOPS certified and non-ETOPS certified plane?

ETOPS stands for Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards, a rule which permits twin engine aircraft to fly routes which, at some point, are more than 60 minutes flying time away ...
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Why did the Swiss International Air LX40 (a 777-300ER) emergency land at Iqaluit airport?

Swiss International Air LX40 (a brand new 777-300ER) was en route from Zurich to LA on 1 Feb 2017 when one of the GE90 engines shut itself down because of data from its self-monitoring algorithms. ...
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Why is there an ETOPS marking on the nosewheel door?

What is the reason for painting ETOPS on the door of the nose gear? "ETOPS" marking on a B737-800 (source) Markings on the belly are supposed to be useful for ground handlers, what is it supposed ...
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Why ETOPS 207 minutes?

There are many ETOPS certification levels, such as 120 (2 hours), 180 (3 hours), or 300 (5 hours). However, what is the reason behind ETOPS 207? Is there anything specific at that point? Why not ...
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Are four-engined airplanes subject to ETOPS equivalent rules?

I've heard of ETOPS, which permits the maximum duration for which a two-engined airplane can fly on one engine to the nearest airport. Are 4-engined planes such as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 ...
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What is the one-engine-inoperative maximum range flight configuration?

I was talking with a friend about what things would happen if you experienced engine problems in cruise. We were wondering the following: What things would need to be changed to arrive in the optimal ...
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Why does ETOPS not apply to older 4 engine aircraft?

This is a follow-up to my previous question: What is ETOPS and how does it work? There is a related question here, but it does not specifically answer this new question. Facts: Since February 2015, ...
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Can any aircraft have ETOPS?

I am wondering if any plane can become ETOPS certified? And, is ETOPS the right acronym?
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