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What does it mean for a door to be armed?

What does "arming a door" mean? Is the orange tape that's applied over a window related, perhaps as an indicator to people outside that the door is armed?
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Do pilots using an electronic flight bag need to carry paper charts?

If a pilot uses an electronic flight bag (say, an iPad with ForeFlight or WingX), are they required to carry paper charts as a backup? Do different rules apply to operations under Parts 91, 121, and ...
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What is the MEL (minimum equipment list)?

What is a minimum equipment list for an aircraft? How are MEL and MMEL related? Who creates the list, and how do they decide what is on it?
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What is that black pod on the left wing of a TBM?

What is the black pod on the left wing of a TBM? (Source)
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Which aircraft are required to have a black box?

When is an aircraft required to have a Cockpit Voice Recorder or a Flight Data Recorder?
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Do pilots really wear "pilot's watches"?

High-end mechanical wristwatches from Swiss and German manufacturers (e.g. Breitling, Rolex etc.) are often marketed as "pilot's watches", and have chronometer features to supposedly help pilots ...
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What is this orange container labeled "Flight kit wheel"?

What is this orange container for? It reads Flight kit wheel. Do not remove. What's a "flight kit wheel"?
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How does the Guardian counter-MANPADS system work?

I came across this picture of a FedEx McDonnell Douglas DC-10 equipped with an anti-missile defense system. ( According to the picture description: FedEx became the first U.S. ...
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What is this hole on the tail of an MD-88?

There's a little hole on the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer of this plane: What is that? What is its purpose? Thanks Source:
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How do you know what equipment code to put on a flight plan?

Every time I have flown and filed flight plans the CFI or the person I have rented the plane from has told me what equipment code to put on the flight plan. I am curious how you would figure out on ...
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What, exactly is "on the MEL"?

The MEL, minimum equipment list, defines whether fault of some equipment on the aircraft prevents it from being dispatched for flight or not. However, sometimes (e.g. in comments to this question) ...
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Do pilots have separate volume knobs on the radio panel?

I have about two hours in a Cessna 172 so my instructor always managed the radio for me. I found it too loud at some times and too quiet at others. Can I tweak mine without bothering him? I forgot to ...
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What is this ring-shaped device behind this DC-8's jet engine?

What is this ring-shaped device behind this Douglas DC-8's jet engine? (YouTube)
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Chocks - why the wide variances in price?

In a comment to a question about setting the parking brake, @rbp said to just get a set of wheel chocks and use those instead. I was piqued - it never occurred to me you'd need your own, I thought ...
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Which gas is used to fill the evacuation slides of modern aircraft?

We have seen that after an emergency landing when the airplane needs to be evacuated promptly, evacuation slides get deployed immediately. I am not sure if normal air is being inflated in those slides ...
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Are passive or active headsets preferable in an open cockpit?

My first headset used passive noise reduction (i.e. padding) and when I - very quickly - upgraded to an ANR headset, my instructor recommended keeping the passive one "in case you ever fly something ...
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How are pitch angle and pitch rate measured in an airplane?

What equipment or method is used to obtain measurements of the pitch angle (θ) and pitch rate (q) during flight? Edit: I am asking about how the aircraft systems sense these quantities
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Is special equipment required to perform high-voltage line inspections?

I was watching a youtube video about high voltage cable inspections performed with helicopters. It can be seen how the helicopter has to reach the same electric potential as the wire, something that ...
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To use the equipment suffix "G", does the GPS have to be certified for IFR?

To use the equipment suffix "G", does the GPS have to be certified for IFR flight?
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Which airplanes are required to have a Flight Data Recorder in Europe?

I know that not all aircraft are required to have a Flight Data Recorder (FDR) in Europe (for instance, a small single-engine airplane doesn't need one), but many are, and depending on the age of the ...
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