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Questions about the environmental impacts of aviation (for instance, from engine emissions, noise, and ingestion of wildlife).

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Can commercial aircraft harvest CO2 usefully and economically inflight?

The principles involved in the. railcar-based method of Direct Air Capture (DAC) as explained in the July 20, 2022 Vol 6,Issue 7 of the. scientific. magazine Joule and now being developed. by Texas ...
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Lufthansa Pilots: Are you doing empty flights to keep slots?

It's not about judging LH or any other airline for doing this, I fully understand. I'm asking because I want to be sure not to have a bad opinion of E.U legislation before I have the facts. If you ...
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Why does air density increase with temperature? [closed]

Why air density increases with increase in temperature , but this is opposite in case of liquid.
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What are the approaches to monetize the external cost of climate change impact on aviation [closed]

I am a student that is graduating university soon. I have an urgent case and I am asking for help from the aviation involved community that is aware of enviromental impact of aviation. I have started ...
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What is more environmentally friendly? An A320 or a car?

Presuming the A320 is at least 80% full (of passengers) and comparing it to a typical road car with 2 people inside, which one is more environmentally friendly, per passenger mile? I have attempted ...
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How have fuel consumption and emissions per passenger/kilometre declined since the first jet airliners?

The efficiency of jet aircraft has improved since the 1960s. Is it possible to chart figures that show how consumption and emissions of pollutants and CO2, per passenger/kilometre, have declined ...
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