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Is it possible to work for free in Aerospace Industry for experiences

I am currently in a master's Aerospace Engineering program and are trying to buff up my resume by having some experiences. I heard that in IT industry, there are ways for new programmers to earn ...
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Is an aircraft maintenance diploma under EASA recognized for studying in the US?

I have a diploma certificate of aircraft maintenance engineering but I studied under EASA. So can I study and take the Bachelor degree in the USA without restarting all my study?
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What is the difference between Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU) and Line Replaceable Modules (LRM)? [duplicate]

i am studying Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU) and Line Replaceable Modules (LRM) but do not know the difference.
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Is there an aviation career where I would help design an entire aircraft and its systems?

If I want to design and build planes, what career would that be? Would it be a mechanical engineer, systems engineer, or what else. (I feel like saying aerospace engineer is too vague and most ...
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What are some common aileron failures?

There are a few parts to the control system for an aileron in a light aircraft, such as the rods, bellcrank, cables, chains etc. What are the main reasons for aileron failures and what parts wear the ...
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What are the differences between an EASA part-66 license and FAA A&P Aircraft Mechanic License?

what is the difference between EASA part-66 license and FAA A&P Aircraft Mechanic License? Are there any reasons for a company or individual to opt for the one or the other or both?
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How to read representations of pressure around an airfoil?

Actual representations found online I selected 6 online representations of pressure around an airfoil, mostly using inconsistent symbolization of the pressure field. Source of the individual ...
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How do I become a flight test engineer?

I would like to know the whole process to become a flight test engineer (FTE). Do I need to take any FAA specific flight test engineer certificate, apart from an aerospace engineering degree? Do I ...
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