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Questions tagged [engine-pylon]

Questions about the structures used to attach externally-mounted engines to their aircraft.

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Why are turbofan-engined Caravelles' engine pylons open at the back?

The engine pylons of turbofan-engined Caravelles are open at the very back, looking for all the world like someone'd simply taken a saw and sliced off the rearmost portion of the pylon: (Image ...
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Why is the forward fairing of the pylon very shiny and metallic in appearance in A350?

One can notice the forward fairing of pylon is very shiny and metallic. This is quite unique and I do not find it in other aircraft. Why is this? Does it serve any specific aerodynamic purpose or does ...
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Are horizontal engine pylons generally shaped to provide lift (in either direction)?

Most civil multiengine jets and some civil multiengine propeller aircraft have engines mounted in nacelles on the ends of pylons extending some distance away from the wing or fuselage. Wing-mounted ...
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What are different components of an engine pylon?

What are the different structural components that are inside the fairing of engine pylon and what are the functions of each part? The pylons for each aircraft are made of Ti-64 alloys, can they be ...
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What is the purpose of the air inlets on an A320neo's pylon (LEAP-1A)?

What is the purpose of the air inlets on an A320neo's pylon (LEAP-1A)? Passive cooling, air bleed like in the 707, or something else?
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What is this hole at the front of the engine pylon on a Boeing 707?

Images of the Boeing 707 show a hole at the front of the engine pylon just above the engine. Can someone please tell me what is the purpose? Also why do images show the hole absent on the left outer ...
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9 votes
2 answers

What is purpose of engine pylon airfoils on the Hondajet HA-420?

The engine pylons on the Hondajet are aerodynamically shaped so as to provide a lift force laterally and outwardly. Engine pylon as viewed from rear Engine pylon as viewed from front Are these for ...
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How are engine pylon designed?

Currently I'm working on my master's thesis on the topological optimization method of aircraft structures. I'm gonna to explore this method of design on the example of the pylon. Make something like ...
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What are those things on the B747 engine pylons?

I noticed some dots and lines on the Boeing 747 engine pylons. What are they? The above image is as seen in this video at 2:18.
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Orange object on back of jet-engine pylons, what is it?

Watching this Video of a L-1011, I noticed an orange/brown object on the back of the jet-engine pylons I never saw before. What is it? What's the purpose of it?
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