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Why did the British Royal Air force not see a mass adoption of American Fighter planes and bombers?

I understand the RAF made extensive use of C-47 and other support aircraft from the US, but they never seemed to adopt fighters and bombers for frontline service like the British Army so eagerly did ...
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Why are there motive flows for the turbine pumps of Williams International FJ44-3A engine?

For my university project, I am designing the fuel supply of an aircraft using a Williams International FJ44-3A engine. Studying the related FAA TCDS, I read "Fuel from the motive flow port on ...
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Why don't companies or innovative engineers find affordable and reliable ways to manufacture tried and true designs?

Cessna no longer makes the 150 or 152. It is a shame because the aircraft is reliable and a great plane. With such a tried and true design, what is stopping a different company from using the same ...
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Do aircraft engines come with electric generators?

For turbojet/fan/prop engines, do they come with an electric generator when delivered to aircraft manufacturers, or it is something that the aircraft manufacturer has to find or make themselves? I am ...
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Do turbine engines contain engine oil and fire-extinguishing fluid?

When aircraft turbine engine companies sell their engines to aircraft manufacturers, does the product contain the tank and pipe for engine oil and fire extinguishing fluid in the same package? Or is ...
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Why are manufacturers assumed to be responsible in case of a crash?

I attended at a training concerning airborne software and the coach remarked that despite at the normal courts, when an aircraft crashes and the authority investigates, a manufacturer is guilty for ...
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Why do new engines have a case with a triangular tiling pattern?

Take a look at the case of new engines such as the F-135: or the F-119: Why do they have a case with a triangular tiling pattern? Is this a new technology? A new material?
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