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An engine failure occurs when one or more engines on an aircraft stop functioning normally. This is often assumed to mean a complete loss of power from the engine, but partial power loss and excess power are also engine failures.

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What is the glide ratio of a DA42?

I was looking for the best glide speed of a DA42 with both engines out, but it seems it's not in the POH. In the emergency checklist, it only mentions a speed of 85 knots to maintain on final approach ...
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What could cause an engine shutdown on a Q400 with CDS codes 732, 907, 915 and 938?

A Bombardier Q400 displays error code 938 on the Central Diagnostics System(CDS), which is attributed to turbomachinery chip detector. An examination shows debris in the detector hitch which is ...
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How do you determine VMCG, if its yawing moment by the inoperative engine is only be corrected by the rudder?

The requirement of VMCG is: VMCG, the minimum control speed on the ground, is the calibrated airspeed during the takeoff run at which, when the critical engine is suddenly made inoperative, it is ...
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